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    Trailer Transformer Oil Filtration Unit In South Afirca

    Release time:2019-05-22 Views:1672 Author:NAKIN

    Two trailers transformer oil purifier designed by our company for customers in South Africa have been delivered to customers and the machine works very good.

    ZYM series trailer-type insulating oil vacuum oil purifier developed by our company has the characteristics of convenient movement, rapid transfer, rainproof, dust-proof, etc., it is especially suitable for oil filtering operations during field power maintenance. ZYM trailer oil purifier is a double-stage vacuum oil purifier, which can quickly and effectively remove moisture, gas (acetylene, hydrogen, methane, etc.) and impurities from the insulating oil, to restore and improve the insulating oil. The filtered oil can effectively ensure the safe and normal operation of power equipment. This machine also has the functions of vacuum drying, vacuum oil injection, and hot oil circulation. It can also be used as a separate vacuum pumping unit to vacuum the transformer and power equipment.


    ◆ There are single-axle two-wheel or two-axle four-wheel trailer body. The tires are vacuum tires for roads, equipped with brakes, shock-absorbing steel plates and trailers. The maximum speed on the paved road is 60km / Hr.

    ◆ The oil purifier machine is built in the fully enclosed metal box door, which has the functions of windproof, rainproof and dust-proof. The metal door on the operation surface is top-opening, which has the function of guaranteeing shade and rain when working.

    ◆ The vacuum system uses the roots pump as the main pump and the rotary vane vacuum pump as the primary pump. It has fast start-up, large pumping speed, stable performance, and high ultimate vacuum of less than 5Pa.

    ◆ Double horizontal vacuum separators, combined with Duplex-Stereo film evaporation technology, unique efficient dewatering and degassing components. The high-efficiency oil atomization device greatly improves the oil vacuum separation space and separation time, ensuring one-time dehydration and degassing effects.

    ◆ Strong ability to remove impurities: ultra-large area cylindrical precision filter element, with high filtration accuracy, easy installation and replacement. The multi-stage filtration system gradually encrypts and removes fine particles in the oil, and the magnetic pre-filter at the oil suction port adsorbs the iron-containing fine impurities. The filter is equipped with a filter pollution alarm protection device.

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