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    Good choice -NAKIN Oil purifier

    Release time:2019-03-20 Views:1561 Author:NAKIN

    In the actual use process, the transformer oil is thus filled with water, impurities, etc., which damages the insulation and cooling effect of the transformer oil. However, transformer oil is widely used in world, such as large power plants, substations, and transformer manufacturers. Most factories and enterprises sell waste oil to waste oil recycling plants at low prices after transformer oil can no longer be used. Then buy new oil at high prices. However, precisely because of this, the production cost of the factory cannot be reduced, the product price is higher than its peers, and the opportunity for market competition is eventually lost.

    According to such a market situation, our company has developed a vacuum oil filter equipment specifically for transformer oil removal of water, gas and impurities in accordance with the market, namely ZY single-stage vacuum transformer oil purifier and ZYD two-stage vacuum transformer Oil purifier. The performance of the two transformer oil filter equipment is the same, but because each customer's specific requirements are different, each customer's use situation is different, there will be some differences.

    After decades of development, the oil purifier industry has undergone breakthrough changes in the technical field. Especially for transformer oil treatment, the technology is completely mature, and Chongqing NAKIN Electromechanical Co., Ltd., which is an professional oil prifier manufacturer, is still improving its products according to actual use. Therefore, the transformer oil vacuum oil purifier is an ideal equipment for waste oil recovery and treatment that you are worth buying in production.

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