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    How long of the filter elements life?

    Release time:2018-04-19 Views:1537 Author:NAKIN

    The filter element is the soul of the oil purifier machine. It removes the oil's impurities and harmful substances in the oil. The oil filter element must be replaced regularly, otherwise the impurities will adhere to the filter element for a long time, the efficiency of the impurities in the filter oil will be weakened, and it will even cause oil Secondary pollution, contrary to the original intention of purchasing an oil filter, so remind everyone to replace the filter element regularly.

    The oil filter elements is actually not easy to bad, but there are still some conditions that will affect its life

    1. Buy a fake filter element of poor quality. The quality of the filter element itself is very poor. Regardless of the filter material or the filter cartridge, the filter element has fewer folds and shallow folds, resulting in a small filtering area. Easy to plug, the use time of the filter element is greatly reduced, and the entire circulating filter system may be reimbursed in advance.

    2. During use, if the oil to be treated is dirty, you can use the sedimentation method to remove most of the impurities and then filter it with an oil filter.

    3. After the pre-filtration method, if there is a plate and frame oil filter, you can first use a plate and frame oil filter to remove most of the impurities, and then use a vacuum oil filter to filter. Plate and frame oil filter machine filter paper supplies are cheap, can be used as a vacuum oil filter pre-filtration equipment.

    4. If there are too many impurities, when ordering the oil filter. You can communicate with the oil filter manufacturer in advance to increase the filter area of the filter element.

    NAKIN Oil Purifier Company provides non-standard custom-made, and produces oil purifier according to customer requirements.

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