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    Vacuum oil filter, oil purifier installtion steps

    Release time:2018-03-29 Views:1487 Author:NAKIN

    1. The key to the installation of vacuum oil filter equipment is horizontal placement, and it is best to use a horizontal instrument to detect it during installation. If it is placed unevenly, the use effect is not good.

    2. Pay attention to refueling of the vacuum oil filter, change the oil regularly, pay attention to draining the oil and water, and clean the filter element in time to ensure the oil quality.

    3. During the use of the vacuum oil filter, if an abnormal phenomenon is found, the control valve should be closed immediately for inspection. At this time, the check valve controls the gas path oil to not return. After maintenance, open the control valve to continue working.

    4. Open the air pressure cover and put the crude oil into the pressure tank, but the loaded oil must not exceed 80% of the volume of the air pressure tank. After filling the oil, immediately close the air gland, close the air release valve, open the control valve and then open the oil discharge nozzle, turn on the power switch, and wait until the oil outlet is fully discharged before the vacuum oil filter works normally.

    5. During the filtering process of the vacuum oil filter, due to the accumulation of filter residue on the filter cloth, the resistance increases and the speed becomes slower. The filter residue should be stopped for cleaning. Use a wooden or bamboo scraper to scrape off the filter residue from the filter cloth, and then reuse it. In practice, you should explore the time when the filter residue is full, do your best, and remove the filter residue on time.

    6. Before the filtration starts and the filter residue layer does not form, the filtrate appears turbid. At this time, the oil is re-filtered. After the filtered oil meets the requirements, the vacuum oil filter enters the normal working state.

    7. When the crude oil in the autoclave has been filtered, when the oil nozzle is exhausted, you can close the nozzle, wait for another nozzle to exhaust for a while, and open the air release valve to complete the filtration. (One type of 35C single-nozzle filter, the nipple exhausts for a while, and the filtering is complete.

    8. The vacuum oil filter has different filtering oils, different selection temperatures and different yields. In practice, explore the temperature of each filtrate.

    9. Connect a filter with the thickness of the window screen under the vacuum oil filter to prevent the fine residue from clogging the oil pipe. If the oil residue is too small or too small, it will block the capillary pores of the filter cloth and affect the output. Clean the filter cloth in time, 70 hours Clean the oil-water separator once.

    10. It is forbidden to clean the filter cloth with fire and boiling water. After cleaning the filter cloth, use it after drying, otherwise it will affect the filtering ability and oil quality.

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