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    Which companies need an oil purifier pass the EIA

    Release time:2020-04-13 Views:168 Author:NAKIN

    After the reform and opening up, China's economy has rapidly taken off, many people started business, and China's GDP has leap to the second place in the world in just a few decades. China has become a veritable factory in the world, and the people's lives are better. However, we also find that the pollution of our surrounding environment is getting worse and worse, which has affected people's health. Environmental protection is a national plan and a century-old plan, and economic development is not pursued at the expense of the environment.

    Industrial production companies must now undergo an environmental impact assessment, so we know which industries and companies need to use oil purifier equipment during the environmental impact assessment. It ’s not that you need to buy lubricating oil, or you need to buy an oil purifier for insulating oil. Generally, oil purifier are also equipped for proprietary enterprises, such as power related industries. Oil purifier are a necessary supporting equipment for power plant construction and delivery. The oil filter is essential as a necessary accessory. In addition, the electric power maintenance company, because the electric power maintenance needs to involve the oil filtering project, the oil purifier is a necessary equipment for the maintenance company to obtain the qualification. Since the main production material of refined oil products is oil products, oil purifier are necessary during the EIA.
    In addition, in all industries that use machinery and equipment, oil purifier equipment must be used more or less. During the environmental assessment process, unless your used lubricant is delivered to a qualified hazardous waste treatment company, it must be equipped with a corresponding filter. Oil machine equipment.

    In fact, as a special equipment, the oil purifier is not only for environmental impact assessment, but also can indirectly create profits for enterprises. Enterprises with more oil products use oil purifier equipment to filter and reuse the oil products of the enterprise. In the long run, it will save a lot of costs for the enterprise, and also protect the environment.


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